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Dr. Anderson is available for a variety of services. If you are not sure if she can help, please email your inquiry and she will respond with further guidance. Services available primarily in the Columbia, South Carolina area. Virtual sessions or traveling are also available.

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           One on One Sessions for Athletes, Coaches, Business Professionals 


If you are an individual looking for assistance in with:

Lost confidence or motivation after a poor performance

Looking for a competitive edge to set yourself above your peers

Noticing you perform better in practice than when it counts in competition

Contact Dr. Anderson to see how she can help

Download a Performance Profile 

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           Team Sessions

If you are a coach or athletic director looking for assistance with;

Wanting your team(s) to gain motivation and confidence

Getting your team(s) to PLAY as a team rather than a group of individuals

Improving your team culture, communication and cohesion

Improving your team ability to focus and perform well when it matters most

Contact Dr. Anderson to see how she can help

           Organizational Training


If you are a leader of an organization looking for additional strategies for your organization;

Wanting to enhance productivity and effectiveness

Improve your organization cohesion

Contact Dr. Anderson to see how she can help

Psychology Patient
           Mentorship for Certified Mental Performance Consultant status


If you are looking for a CMPC Mentor, Dr. Anderson has been providing mentorship since 2009. In order to determine if I am an appropriate mentor for you, please consider what you need from a mentor and be ready to discuss those things as well as your plan for earning hours based on AASP requirements. I require you to find your own clients.

Contact Dr. Anderson to see how she can help

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