"Having someone trained in sport psychology is a huge asset for our athletes, as well as myself. As much as I love my sport and coaching, there are things that Dr. Anderson has an informed perspective on that I have seen have a clearly defined positive impact on my highest performers."  Coach Nick Jones, Ridge View High School Head Wrestling Coach 


"Dr. Anderson is always available and has helped my daughter overcome her fear in her sport. My daughter feels very comfortable and has come from wanting to quit to loving her sport."

Parent of Youth Athlete


As an Athletic Director, my biggest hurdle using Dr. Anderson's services has been getting my coaches to buy in. 

These services will help:

-kids focus better

-coaches focus better

-kids/coaches will be better able to keep 'first things first'

-kids and coaches will be more free and perform at a higher level

-teams will be more unified

Brian Rosefield, Ridge View High School Athletics Director

Growing Your Mindset ~ Improving Grit and Resilience ~ Team Building and Social Cohesion ~ Emotional Agility ~ Performing Under Pressure

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