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What can 15 minutes a day of writing get you?

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

Journaling is one of the most powerful tools available to my clients. That may sound like a dramatic statement, however it’s something I fully believe.

Writing down reflections, introspections, thoughts, experiences, goals, fears, and problems can help you gain a level of clarity that few other methods provide. When you write down what is inside of you, that allows your mind some space to re-evaluate what you wrote. This space doesn’t happen if you keep those things inside your head. Have you ever had the experience of telling someone a story and they repeat back to you what you said – and it sounds NOTHING like what you thought it did? Writing down things is a way to experience that reflection of what is in your mind, without sharing it with another person. The lessons that can be learned from this experience are numerous.

As far as the research, much research has found benefits in writing for 15-20 minutes a day. The benefits include improving memory, reduction in stress, improved immune functioning, improved mood, improved self-talk, reduction in depression and anxiety symptoms, as well as improved emotional regulation. Many of my clients’ state that the process of writing for 15 minutes helps them gain clarity on their motivation, thoughts, emotions, areas of focus, and energy levels. When we discuss their writing, we can collaboratively set more appropriate goals and identify habits to implement to help them get better at their sport. Based on these client experiences, I created a journal to help my athletes gain that clarity and be able to identify goals and habits on their own. One of the great things I love about recommending journaling is that it is low daily time cost (15-20 minutes a day), low cost ($15-$20 per journal), and highly flexible for different needs. These factors combined make it one of my favorite tools to recommend. The return on invest tends to be high. If you would like help getting started on a journaling habit, contact me. If you would like to check out one of my mental agility journals, head over to Amazon to purchase.

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